At Classic Coach Update we refer to ourselves as a "TOY

Our services
range from complete turn-key restorations to
resurrections, custom modifications of muscle cars and classics.  
Serving owners who want more power,  better performance,  air
conditioning, power steering,  power or disc brakes.  We are not an
average daily driver repair shop.   We take pride in our ability to perform
services which meet or exceed customer expectations.  Our primary
services are  "mechanical", although  we work with our customers every
step of the way.  Including coordination and overseeing  outside
services, such as body and paint work.  Please browse our site, view a
few of our Project photos then contact us to find out more about our

Over 23 YEARS IN BUSINESS!  Established 1986, in a small one
car garage, hobby turned into business.  Mostly at the request of many
friends and associates who, after seeing what could be done, would not
stop asking for services on their vehicles.  Most of our business is by
referral.  Our experience goes even further back into history, beginning
about 1975, or maybe even earlier, cars have been a primary focus for
the owner.  A restoration expert who personally works each project.  His
fascination of muscle cars and classics has grown from the ownership of
his first car, a GTO of course, to a collection of various rare or
exceptional muscle cars, classics and collectors.  Classic Coach Update
is small, very personal,and family owned and operated.  This allows us
full control of quality.  The owners are the founders, and operators, of
this business.

Our company is unique!  Offering extrodinary services.  Making our
customers dream car a reallity, and pleasure.  We make "big kid toys"!  
Our true goal is to satisfy the vision of our customer by restoring a
dream car from the past or putting them back into the muscle car they
sped around in as a teen.  Only now with the power they demand as an
adult.  Helping keep the cruise night classic original or modified.  
Allowing the driver, and passengers, to enjoy air conditioning, better
suspension, power steering, or even stereo radio.   What ever each
customer would like.  Each project is unique, and our services are
This is an original 1957 fuel injection 4-speed Corvette (very rare)
1957 Fulie 4-speed
About Our Services
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Contact Information:
Edward Brown
(214) 741-9777
4736 Iberia Ave.
Dallas, TX. 75207
What we do and have done..
1965 Galaxie 500
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57 Cadillac Biarritz & 50
72 Pontiac GTO
65 Buick
52 Ford Victoria
57 Chevrolet
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66 Mustang & 67 Galaxie 500
69 Camaro & 46 Willys Jeep
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