Our services can be described simply as the attention, effort and time doing anything related to someone else's
vehicle.  This covers every aspect of our services.  Our goal, before we ever lay hands on a vehicle, is to enhance
the customer's awareness of what it may cost them (the customer) to have us perform what ever work is needed
or wanted on their vehicle.  For us, we have the knowledge and wisdom, and are prepared to share that
information in great detail as a "service" that we charge for.

We  accumulate the necessary information, process it in relationship to the vehicle, engineer or confirm
application and functional capability, then compile a comprehensive written description of the work to be
performed and set a time for it's accomplishment (labor time, parts, materials, outside services, and all pricing).  
This is all an aspect of what we charge for; the Inspection, the Estimate, the time discussing and showing the
customer what we've seen or examined.   In addition, if approved, we will be charging for any additional labor,
parts, materials or functions on your vehicle, with our "work".

Please feel free to ask questions regarding our services, fees, policies, and the relationship with you, our
customer, and your vehicle.
Our Services Broadly Defined (see above):
We charge for our services, broadly including and defined as our time and knowledge, expertise, craftsmanship,
trade operations, research, analyzing, engineering and manufacturing processes.  Collective, or separate, from our
services which may include written details, processes, parts, materials used during the process.  The inspection,
analysis, research, engineering, to form a compilation of information to produce an estimate, with details, all of
which is proprietary to our business until paid for by you, the customer.  We retain all rights to the information
distributed to you as production in response to our binding agreement with you, written or verbal.  That means;  
when you ask us to give you an estimate we will, from our work performed, produce a detailed itemized and
refined written estimate specifically for you (your vehicle) addressing your vehicle needs.  This will be our best
form of detailing what costs you should expect to have if we are to accomplished any repairs of identified defects,
perform refurbishing, resurrection, and/or restoration.  We then  deliver the estimated details to you, the
customer, in a written format along with our invoice.  Inspections, research, and estimate preparation is a part of
what you are agreeing to pay us for when you leave your vehicle with us.  We have an established Work
Authorization Form which we require every customer to read, ask questions and discuss, then initial and sign
before we will begin.    

All written information remains our property, covered by copyright laws, until you have paid us our fee which we
invoiced to you.

Please feel free to request a copy of our full Work Authorization in advance of transporting your vehicle to us.  
We will be glad to furnish it in advance for review.

We can assist with transportation if desired.  We will be happy to put you in touch with a service company we
trust the most or we can assist with arrangements.