•        Overhaul
    •        Replacement with crate engines
    •        All type of engine repair
  •        Performance build
  •        Clean and detail
    Brake Repair
    •        Disc & Power brake conversions
    •        Existing brake repair
    •        Floor pan installation
    •        Rust repair
    •        Any metal or rust issues
    •        Making metal related parts
    •        Front to Back parts replacement
    •        New installation
    •        Air ride installation
    •        Spring installation
           Performance enhancements
    Restoration or Resurrection
    •        Frame off complete nut and bolt restoration
    •        Partial restoration of areas of interest
           Functional and driveability
    •        Automatic and standard transmission repair/rebuild
    •        Installation of new transmissions
           Installation of Coolers
    Paint and Body
    •        Complete repainting
    •        Body and paint work for dents and scratches
    •        Troubleshooting
    •        Complete rewiring
    •        Repair of shorts or any electrical problems
           Upgrade to LED, HID, digital
           Upgrade with MSD, Pertronix
           Kill switch install
    Air Conditioning
    •        Repair existing system
           Factory system installation
    •        Aftermarket system installation
    •        Repair using new components
    •        Install new power steering systems
           Upgrade for performance handling
    Cooling System
    •        Troubleshoot overheating and repair
           Upgrades for better cooling
           Installation of aluminum radiators
    Rear Axles
    •        Rebuild your rear axle assembly
    •        Install a new or rebuilt axle
           Late model swaps
    Interior Up Grades
    •        Painting inside the car
    •        All new or repainted interior parts
    •        Clean or replacement of carpet and upholstery
    Instrumentation and Interior Lighting
           Repair, modify, restor OEM gauges, clocks, lighting
           Upgrades and modifications with LED, digital
    State Safety Inspection
           Vehicle safety inspection
             We have a fully tooled and capable facility, our staff has well over 30 years of
             experience and a wealth of knowledge.  Give us a call, we are always happy to
              discuss any situation on a vehicle, to give some advice or directional choices.

Full Service