Classic Coach
4736 Iberia St.
Dallas, TX 75207
(214) 741-9777
Est. 1986
Pre-Buy & Post-Buy
Detailed Estimates
Restoration, Resurrection, Repair, Service
& Modification
Texas State Safety Inspection
At Classic Coach Update we
refer to ourselves as a “Toy
 Our services range
from complete turn-key
restorations, resurrections,
custom modifications, service
and light repair of muscle cars
and classics.  Serving owners’
who want more power, better
performance, better safety,
improved comforts (such as air
conditioning, power steering,
disc & power brakes, etc.)
We’re not an average daily
driver repair shop.  
We take pride
in our ability to perform service
to meet or exceed
expectation.  Our primary service
could be considered
“mechanical” although we work
with our customers every step of
the way, including coordination
and oversight of outside services
such as body & paint work.
Established in 1986!  Started with a small one car garage hobby,
then, turned into a business.  Mostly of friends and associates,
seeing what could be done, who would not stop asking for
services on their vehicles.  Most of our business comes to us by
referral, although we enjoy knowing that technology, such as the
internet, has placed us into a world-wide market.  Our references
have boasted of awards they win and of how they enjoy their
vehicle once we have brought it to full potential and
functionality.  Actually since about 1975, or maybe even earlier,
cars have been a primary focus for our owner, Ed Brown, a
restoration expert.  He personally operates our business and
controls every aspect to ensure quality and satisfaction for every
customer.  His fascination of muscle cars, and classics, has
grown from the ownership of his first car, a GTO of course, to a
collection of various rare and exceptional muscle cars, classics,
and collectors.
Our company is unique!  We offer extraordinary services.  
Making our customer’s dream car a reality and pleasure.  We
make serious toys!  Our true goal is to satisfy the vision of
our customer by restoring a dream car from the past or
putting them back into the car they sped around in as a teen.  
Only now, with the power the demand as an adult.  Helping
keep the cruise night classics original, or allowing the driver
and passengers to enjoy air conditioning, better suspension,
power steering, or a stereo radio.  Whatever each customer
wants and likes, this is our goal.  Each project is unique, our
services are unique.